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Hallo ladies and gentlemen!

Purpose of this:
I need to keep a better log of the things that happen in my little life because my memory sucks.

Random facts about me:
1. Sleep deprived!
I'm usually sleepy (as depicted in this entry's icon) because I stay up later than I should.

2. Write Addict!
I love to write for myself whether it be long journal entries, poetry, a random piece or fictional story, and crappy things similar to screenplays only not--because there's a certain format to writing those but I don't use it since I'm a lazy little bitch! =D

3. Retired Gamer!
I used to be an avid game player until my PS2 decided it had enough and died. Well, it didn't die; the AV plug-in slot is messed up so it makes the display on the screen dark. Too dark. Can't see a damn thing. And it's fuzzy. I'm much too lazy to list the games but I'll write a game rant some other day.

4. May have ADD?
The more I look at the symptoms, the more convinced I am about having this lovely little disorder. And look at that, there are two types to choose from! I might be 'lucky' and have both! -__-;
Anyway, what was I doing?
Ohmygoodness! Is that stuff over there?! *runs off*

5. Music Obsessed!
I'm a proud member of the Musically Dependent Society. I'm also a Song Whore: an individual which chooses at least one song as his or her favorite for that month/week/day/hour/minute/second. Sometimes it's two songs, other times it's as much as ten; either way, the person is a whore to the song(s) until one or more are found.

6. Ayu Fan!
I love her music! I love her lyrics! Favorite song of hers (as well as my favorite of all time): GAME.
For the curious: "GAME" music video w/ lyrics

...and I think that's enough. Anything else random or interesting will be revealed in later entries. Only friends can view the rest so if you want to know more, add a comment and tell me about yourself! ^^

Until next time!

. : salacious : .

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